They did a tremendous job on the roof. I was very satisfied and pleased with the roof.

Ron M.

Bettendorf, IA

I was most satisfied with the appearance of the new roof. It looks much better than the old one.

Kurt F.

Rock island, IL

I would recognize the owner for exceptional service.

Carroll P.

Bettendorf, IA

The owner, who I met with, should be recognized for exceptional service.

Brad E.

Milan, IL

They were positive and addressed all of my concerns. I was most satisfied with the communication and quick response back when I placed a call to get an estimate and had questions. The owner was very prompt in getting back to me very quickly. If someone mentions that they are in need of roofing, I would certainly recommend A+ Roofing to them.

Ronald G.

Sherrard, IL

Shawn was exceptional.

Bob E.

Blue Grass, IA

I would like to recognize Sean, the owner/manager of the company. I was most satisfied with the honesty of the owner (manager) in delivering everything as promised.

Michael K.

Taylor Ridge, IL

We would like to recognize Shawn Hicks for his exceptional service. We were very satisfied in the installation of the roof because they were very well organized.

Lloyd/Barbara W.

Rock Island, IL

I was most satisfied with how they did it in a very short period of time, and how well they did the job.

Dale/Linda M.

Rock Island, IL

The crew was very efficient and very courteous.

Alan K.

Rock Island, IL

I am the most satisfied with the speed in which it was done. They didn't leave any exposure to the weather. They were in and out. There was no inconvenience to me.

Ronald T.

Eldridge, IA

The owner did a good job explaining everything to us.

Vicki P.

Andalusia, IL

I was most satisfied with the look of the shingles.

Tj H.

Rock Island, IL

I would like to recognize the owner Shawn he did a great job. I was satisfied with the workmanship and they did it quickly.

Dorothy C.

Taylor Ridge, IL

Shawn was very responsive whenever we had a question or concern. We appreciated that Shawn stopped by every day. We appreciated that the crew worked on sections so the whole roof was not torn off at once.

Jeff E.

Taylor Ridge, IL

I was most satisfied with the job they did, the quality of work, the product, and they cleaned up after themselves.

Patricia S.

Port Byron, IL

I was most satisfied with A+ Roofing & Siding Co because the workers were very professional. They cleaned up after themselves and were very hardworking. They wanted to make sure that everything was done correctly.

Dale M.

Rock Island, IL

I was completely satisfied on all fronts, from the price to the actual product, the place, and the marketing materials. I had a lot of folks come here, and his phone call came as soon as the same day or the next day. Some people didn't even callback for weeks and when they did come out, there was no brochure and only a scribble on paper. The person I dealt with from A+ had a brochure, knew the product, and was well prepared.

I had 4 to 5 estimate and A+ Roofing & Siding definitely stood out among the rest. They provided detailed customer service and care. They are first class in my opinion.

I would like to recognize the person that called me, I believe it was the owner, for exceptional service. He was really professional and had both a brochure and a business card. He reads people well, communicates well, provided the right contacts, meets you where you are, and is highly reliable. You can really tell he has done this before.

Bill D.

Rock Island, IL

They were very clean while doing the job.

Bob H.

Princeton, IA

I was satisfied with them completing the job in a timely manner and everyone's professionalism. The roof itself looks good.

Carol M.

Moline, IL

I have very high expectations of companies that do work for me. A+ Roofing & Siding Co. met all my expectations. I was not disappointed. I appreciated being able to meet with them in the evenings to discuss my roofing project. I also appreciated them explaining the products they were going to use. I asked about using other specific products and A+ explained the differences. The roof installation was done in one day and. I appreciated that.

Debbie H.

East Moline, IL

Everyone that was here was perfect.

Michael P.

Davenport, IA