Insurance Claims Can Be Easy

Insurance Claims Can Be Easy

Talk to an insurance claim specialist in Moline, IL or Davenport, Des Moines, IA and the Quad Cities today

What's the worst part of getting any home repairs done? For most people, it's dealing with the insurance claim. That's why A+ Roofing and Siding Co. out of Moline, IL offers insurance claim assistance for our clients inDavenport, Des Moines, IA & the Quad Cities area. You'll get help from your very own insurance claim specialist who will guide you through your claim submission.

Our  insurance claim assistance process

Our insurance claim assistance process

Need insurance claim assistance? When you work with our Quad Cities insurance claim specialist, you can expect a pretty simple process:

Step 1- We'll assess the damage to your roof and take pictures for the claim.
Step 2- You'll contact your insurance company and file the claim.
Step 3- We'll inspect the property again with your assigned insurance adjuster.
Step 4- We'll negotiate final repair costs with your adjuster.
Step 5- Your payment amount will be finalized and we'll start the work.

Still confused about how the insurance claim process works? Call 309-373-9920 now to get more details. We service the entire Quad Cities area.